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package on package (PoP)

Package-on-Package(PoP) are chips in a flat package that are mounted on top of each other, like Lego bricks. For example, several BGA packages can be combined and mounted on top of each other.

The PoP design shortens the signal connections between the packages, increases chip density, which is interesting for mobile devices, and reduces the footprint.

PoP package consisting of several BGA packages, graphic:

PoP package consisting of several BGA packages, graphic:

The individual PoP chips can be manufactured by different manufacturers and perform different functions. Like package-in-package( PiP) or system-in-package( SiP), PoP packages belong to the group of three-dimensional chips, the 3D ICs. However, they do not offer the performance values, integration densities and form factors of genuine 3D ICs.

PoP packages are used in small mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones and digital cameras.

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