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organic thin film transistor (OTFT)

Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFT) are electronic components consisting of organic semiconductors and are used as a control matrix for Organic Light Emitting Diodes

(OLED). Here, the organic thin film transistors form the driving logic for the OLEDs. Both the thin film transistors and the light emitting OLEDs are made of organic material. OTFT displays with OLEDs are flexible, they have a relatively bright display that encompasses a wide color gamut


OTFT display with OLEDs, photo:

OTFT display with OLEDs, photo:

Organic displays

can be manufactured much more cheaply than conventional TFT displays. The carrier mobility in recombining electrons and holes is lower than that of other displays, making the display more sluggish and blurring fast movements. However, this disadvantage has been largely eliminated by continuous further development. It is also interesting to note that OTFT displays can also be produced on flexible films that are only a few micrometers thick.

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