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organic semiconductor

Polymer electronics, known as plastic or plastic electronics, works with organic carbon compounds. Through doping, certain carbon compounds can take on the properties of conductors, semiconductors and non-conductors.

As known from conventional semiconductors, electrical charge can also be transported via polymeric materials in the form of holes and missing electrons. Depending on the doping, organic semiconductors can be formed from the materials.

Organic semiconductors can be produced at low cost. They can be produced by vapor deposition or as printed electronics. In both processes, thin layers of about 1 ┬Ám are evaporated or printed in layers or deposited by organic vapor deposition. The circuits formed from organic semiconductors can be applied to flexible substrates such as paper or foil.

Organic transistors and organic field-effect transistors( OFET), organic solar cells and light-emitting organic light-emitting diodes( OLED) already exist.

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