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order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is a process chain in supply chain management( SCM). It extends from the receipt of an order in a company to complete delivery or installation at the customer's premises.

Various company departments are involvedin this workflow; such as order management, possibly quality assurance, the warehouse, the shipping department with logistics and dispatch.

In order processing, incoming orders are received,checked and confirmed. They are then forwarded to shipping, which packs the product and optimizes it with other deliveries in terms of shipping. It then goes to shipping, from where it is delivered to the customer and eventually installed.

Process chain in order fulfillment, order fulfillment.

Process chain in order fulfillment, order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment concludes with delivery and acceptance by the customer, although it can be extended to include development, design, production engineering or quality assurance processes. In order fulfillment, a distinction is therefore made between Engineer-to-Order( ETO), Built-to-Order( BTO), Assemble-to-Order( ATO) and Design-to-Order( DTO).

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