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optical mark recognition (OMR)

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is a recognition and reading technique for forms, lottery tickets or questionnaires with marked answers

. A mark recognition system consists of

ascanner or mark reader and a computer running OMR software. The captured data

is stored and accepted by the computer for analysis. The OMR software evaluates the marked forms, distinguishing between marked and unmarked fields. The processed data is used for further processing of data prints by postal dispatch systems or counting systems.

Lottery ticket with markings; Photo:

Lottery ticket with markings; Photo:

The markings printed on single and continuous forms can be used, for example, for function control in envelope inserting and mailing systems. There are small slip and page slip mark readers.

In the case of multi-function readers, the mark reading is combined with other recognition techniques, for example optical character recognition (OCR).

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