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optical line termination (OLT)

The Optical Line Termination (OLT) is the network side interface of the optical part of the access network, which is connected to one or more Optical Distribution Network( ODN).

GPON network with OLT and ONUs

GPON network with OLT and ONUs

The optical line termination provides the optical access network with an n x 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s interface in the direction of the core network, and the PON interface for the passive optical network ( PON) in the direction of the subscriber. As an optical line termination, the OLT has the task of optical-to-electrical or electrical-to-optical signal conversion. Such an O/E converter forms the connection point between the exchange and the fiber optic access network and generally has a capacity of 1,664 channels at 64 kbit/s. With 10GPON, the connection point supports 200 to 300 users with fiber to the curb( FTTC), and an OLT system connects 200 to 300 multi-dwelling units(MDUs). Thus, an OLT system can serve about forty to ninety thousand users.

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