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optical image stabilization (OIS)

To capture shake-free images and video sequences, there are digital cameras, camcorders and also smartphones with optical image stabilizers, Optical Image Stabilization(OIS).

Optical image stabilizers use digital stabilization algorithms that detect and convert the motion of gyro sensors. Gyro sensors are highly accurate sensors that detect the slightest changes in position. This information is processed and, depending on the concept, controls the lens or lens system of the digital camera in the direction opposite to the change in position, compensating for camera movement.

Motion compensation reaches its limits where the change in motion reaches a high rate and frequency of change. These limits are around 500 movements per second for high-quality image stabilizers. These movements can be achieved despite the mechanical inertia and acceleration of the lens system and result in a longer exposure time.

In addition to optical image stabilization, there is also electronic image stabilization( EIS), which compensates for camera shake by shifting the image on the CCD sensor.

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