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optical character verification (OCV)

Optical CharacterVerification (OCV) is an optical method used to check text lines of printed goods with their content and quantity information, expiry dates and batch designations. This involves the quality of the characters, their contours, brightness, contrast

, font size and legibility. In contrast to Optical Character Verification (OCV), Optical Character Recognition

(OCR) is concerned with reading the characters, even if the characters are of inferior quality or damaged.

Optical Character Verification (OCV), screenshot:

Optical Character Verification (OCV), screenshot:

If the readability requirements are met by OCV verification, the packaging labels can be printed at the appropriate print quality. This ensures that they can be read by OCR readers. In general, when printing labels, characters may only be partially printed, they may have imperfections or be printed on top of each other, they may be twisted, they may not provide sufficient contrast on the background, or their contours may be so blurred that they cannot be read by OCR readers.

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