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opportunity charging (OPPCharge)

The name OppCharge is an abbreviation of Opportunity Charging, which stands for opportunity charging of car batteries of buses and trucks. It is a technology with which electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles can be recharged with high energy at terminal stations or selected charging points.

In OppCharge technology, electric vehicles are connected to the charging station through an automatic connection system. Electrical power is transferred to the battery via current collector brackets located on the roof of the vehicle that automatically connect to contact rails. The available power ratings are 150 kW, 300 kW or 450 kW. Up to 600 kW is provided as standard. This high power delivery allows the battery to be recharged in a short time.

OppCharge uses Wi-Fi as the communication method between the vehicle and the charging station. Communication takes place via the WLAN standard according to IEEE 802.11a in the 5 GHz frequency range.

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