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operational technology (OT)

While Information Technology(IT) deals with the electronic processing of information and data, Operational Technology( OT) is concerned with operational technology, specifically the hardware and software for monitoring, managing and controlling physical devices, processes and events.

Operational Technology is focused on industrial equipment and systems, their functionality and availability. The latter is critical to plant productivity and business profitability. Downtime and limitations in functional safety must be avoided. In the early years, Operational Technology was a stand-alone technology for industrial plants that was not linked to networks for data and telecommunications. The protocols used in OT systems were primarily designed for continuous availability of machines and management of physical processes.

Through the Internet of Things( IoT), modern Operational Technology has been connected to Information Technology. Both technologies intertwine and complement each other. The concepts for machine control and monitoring include all wired and wireless network structures. M2M communication, in which machines communicate with machines, also lends itself to IT-OT communication. By linking the two technologies, companies can tap production data from the OT area and analyze and process it with the IT systems, thus helping to increase effectiveness.

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