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operating point

The operating point is a circuit-determined voltage-current value for an electronic component that has been specified for an electronic circuit.

The voltage-current value is determined by the circuit dimensioning of the components and the working resistance, which have a direct influence on the transmission and amplification behaviour of the circuit. The operating point is the static point within a set of characteristics at which no input signal is present.

Operating point in a transistor characteristic curve

Operating point in a transistor characteristic curve

arrayThe operating point is located in the characteristic curve array

oftransistors and diodes

andplays an important role in the development of an electronic circuit, since it significantly determines the circuit functions, such as

thegain and distortions

caused by the circuit, the mixing behavior and the propagationtimes

, and some more. The slope of the operating characteristic curve running through the operating point is determined by the operating resistance.

The operating characteristic determines the dynamic range of the electronic circuit.

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