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open platform communications (OPC)

Open Platform Communications (OPC) refers to various standards for industrial communication. In this environment, Open Platform Communications specifies the communication of real-time data between control units.

The OPC activities are based on Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding( OLE), which was already developed in the 1990s. The OPC platform is used in process and building automation and in manufacturing technology. It includes Microsoft's application platform . NET, uses XML and the TCP protocol.

The OPC platform is available as OPC Data Access (OPC- DA) OPC Historical Data Access (OPC-HAD) and OPC Unified Architecture( OPC-UA). With OPC-DA, data can be read and written in real time. In contrast to OPC-DA, archived data can be accessed with OPC- HDA. And OPC-UA forms the communication protocol for Industrial Internet of Things( IIoT) and thus for Industry 4.0. OPC-UA is an architecture model that can be used with the smallest embedded controllers up to large cloud infrastructures.

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