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open document interchange format (OSI) (ODIF)

Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF) is part of the Open Document Architecture(ODA) and provides a uniform format for describing office documents. Documents can contain text, graphics and (raster-oriented) images.

The Open Document Interchange Format is an open and internationally used standardized file format for documents. It originates from the ITU-T and is intended to replace proprietary document formats.

ODIF is described in the standard documents of the International Telecommunication Union under T.411 to T.414 and corresponds to ISO standard 8613. The file format defined by the Open Document Architecture includes text and graphic files, both raster and vector graphics. In the standard, the defined structures are described in terms of functionality, but not formally. This is to give the editing processes the freedom to choose the most efficient storage themselves. For external storage or transmission, Abstract Syntax Notation One( ASN.1) is used as the uniform syntax.

Documents in ODIF format can be saved and converted to other non-editable and editable formats.

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