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open document architecture (ODA)

The Open Document Architecture

(ODA) is a standardized document architecture with a hierarchical structure for the logical and physical structure of documents. With ODA (ISO standard 8613), an attempt has been made to meet a large number of requirements for a comprehensive document architecture. These include, among other things, the definition of components and their properties, the definition of means for the control and monitoring of structures, the future orientation, particularly with regard to the expandability of new document content, and the optimal use of simple to complex editors

. The document architecture thus supports the direct exchange of different documents between different text and layout programs.ODA supports document exchange, processing and presentation. The specification highlights three levels

ofdocument presentation: Level 1 is for text only, Level 2 is for text and graphics produced in MS-Word

, and Level 3 is for text and graphics produced on a pagination program. The counterpart to ODA used in the U.S. is the Standardized Generalized Markup Language (SGML).

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