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open distributed processing (ODP)

Open communication" between heterogeneous networks and systems is being driven by activities in the field of Open Systems Interconnection( OSI). On the other hand, there are standards for "open systems" under the keyword X/Open. OSI communication is now part of the definition of "open systems".

With these approaches, the prerequisites of "open distributed processing", namely Open Distributed Processing( ODP), are given. However, it has become apparent that open distributed processing touches many more aspects than are covered or addressed by the open communications and open systems sub-areas. That is, Open Distributed Processing is a stand-alone topic that is superordinate to the topics of open communications and open systems. To ensure that activities at vendors and in the sub-areas of standardization converge, the International Standards Organization( ISO) has standardized work on distributed processing under the title Open Distributed Processing. Distributed processing as defined by ISO focuses on the information storage and processing aspect, rather than the communication aspect. This is also reflected in the International Standards Organization's (ISO) definition of distributed processing.

The objective of ODP is to have information correct, protected and available for authorized access in a distributed, heterogeneous network and communication environment.

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