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open communication interface for traffic (OCIT)

Open Communication Interface for Traffic Systems (OCIT) is a working group for the standardization of interfaces in road traffic technology. Founded in 1999, the initiative for open system architectures has put an end to the diversity of community-specific approaches to traffic control.

OCIT, with its system architecture of centralized and decentralized network components and field devices controlled via the Internet, has promoted the uniform design of traffic management systems and defined rules and protocols for traffic control. There are several transmission profiles for the transmission of data. For example, point-to-point connections on fixed transmission paths, dial-up connections via the fixed network and the GSM network, and Ethernet with DHCP protocol.

There are various OCIT interfaces for communication between the subsystems and the traffic control center, between the center and the field devices, between motor vehicles, between motor vehicle traffic light systems and roadside units( RSU).

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