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online backup

The data backup can be done on your own personal computer or your own backup hard drive, but also as an online backup in a cloud. Online backup certainly offers the better protection because it is better protected against lightning strikes, floods or fire than home backup.

Online backup takes place via the Internet on the storage facilities of a service provider( SP), a storage service provider( SSP) or an Internet service provider( ISP), which provide corresponding storage facilities in their data centers. The user can be confident that the data will be transmitted in encrypted form, stored reliably and securely for the long term, without unauthorized access.

The data for the backup is transferred to the provider's servers via Internet access. Since data transfer rates on the Internet uplink are generally lower than on the downlink, data compression and incremental or differential backup are used to transfer large volumes of data. Depending on whether it is data, photos, video or audio, ZIP, JPEG, MPEG or MP3 could be used.

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