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A two-terminal or one-port is an electronic component or circuit with two terminals. Such a two-terminal can be passive and frequency-independent like an ohmic resistor, passive and frequency-dependent like an inductor or capacitor, and also active

and frequency-dependent or frequency-independent. The resistance of a two-terminal can be linear or nonlinear as in the voltage-dependent varistor

, temperature-dependent asin hot conductors

or PTC thermistors

, frequency-dependentas in capacitors and coils, or brightness-dependent as in the photoresistor or photodiode

, or depend on other physical quantities.

Block diagram of the two-terminal

Block diagram of the two-terminal

If two-terminals are combined, the voltage-, current- and frequency-dependent behaviour can be influenced according to the circuit requirements. Examples are resonant circuits or filters. The behavior and dependence of the dipoles with respect to voltage, current, impedance or admittance can be represented in locus curves.

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