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object oriented analysis (OOA)

In the analysis phase of a software project, the requirements that the new system is to fulfill are collected, documented and evaluated. Put simply, the goal is to understand the system to be created as comprehensively as possible and to accumulate the necessary knowledge to be able to design it later.

With the object-oriented analysis (OOA) this procedure aims already at a later object-oriented Design, i.e. one identifies already during the analysis the later necessary objects, how they interact with one another and how they are to be classified. Technical aspects such as operating systems or programming languages do not yet play a role in the analysis.

This process results in a requirements specification that documents the findings in textual and graphical form. The Unified Modeling Language( UML) has become the standard for graphical notation. In most software development process models, the requirements specification is both the basis for a technical concept and the contractual basis between customers and software manufacturers.

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