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object identification system (smart meter) (OBIS)

The Object Identification System (OBIS) is an identification code for measurement data and meter readings from smartmeters, gas meters and water meters that comply with the Device Language Message Specification( DLMS) and the Companion Specification for Energy Metering( COSEM).

OBIS codes are standardized in IEC 62056-61 and hierarchically organized into six different groups, labeled with the letters "A" through "F", denoting COSEM objects. The letter "A" identifies the type of energy measured, "B" identifies the measurement channels and "C" identifies the quantity measured, "D" identifies the processing method and country-specific OBIS codes, "E" identifies tariffs or other classifications, and "F" is used to reflect previous values. The OBIS codes can be in decimal or hexadecimal system.

The user agent of DLMS defines and distributes the OBIS codes. According to the OBIS rules, the OBIS code can be assigned to manufacturers, utilities, associations and country-specific. The OBIS system has evolved from the Energy Data Identification System (EDIS) used in Germany.

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