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number of children (NOC)

To measure software products, so-called software metrics are used that quantify different properties of software products and processes. When measuring software, an object-oriented metric takes into account the combination of data structures and the methods that can be applied to them to form an object, its relationships to other objects, and the general structural characteristics of object-oriented programming

. The Number of Children (NOC) metric belongs to the group of measures based on inheritance hierarchies and specifically defines a measure for the classes

that are relatedto each other through inheritance

NOC definition:NOC

is the number of direct specializations of a class

.The approach of this method is to be able to evaluate the propagation of errors

toa subclass. Here, the more significant a class is, the more subclasses are derived from it.

Example Class Diagram

Example Class Diagram

The class diagram

shown defines the static parts of a system of classes with their associations and methodsExample class diagram

: NOC(A)=2 and NOC(F)=3 and NOC(B)=0Application:

primarily in the context of class reuse. Themore complex the inheritance hierarchy - i.e. the larger the Number of Children (NOC) - the more important it is to test the deriving class intensively.

Other object-oriented software metrics are Weighted Methods for Class (WMC), Response for a Class (RFC), Coupling Between Objects (CBO), Depth of Inheritance Tree (DIT) and Lack of Cohesion in Methods (LCOM).

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