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non-volatile memory express (SSD) (NVMe)

The NVMe protocol, Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), forms the host controller interface for solid-state drives( SSD) connected via PCI Express( PCIe). NVMe is a low- latency logical interface that supports parallel control and the high transfer rates offlash memory.

High transfer rates are achieved through parallel control and the speed of the SSD drives is fully utilized. This not only ensures the high data rates, but also significantly improves the performance compared to other interfaces such as the SATA interface.

The NVMe protocol can process multiple commands simultaneously. Since the I/O overhead is also reduced, the achievable performance values for the Input/Output Operations per Second( IOPS) are about five times higher than those of Serial ATA (SATA). The write speeds are around 1.5 GB/s for sequential writing and 2.5 GB/s for reading.

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