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non-volatile DIMM (NVDIMM)

Non-Volatile DIMMs (NVDIMM) are hybrid memory components consisting of a non-volatile NAND flash and a Dynamic Random Access Memory( DRAM).

They have the performance characteristics of high-speed DRAMs combined with permanent storage, and are therefore also suitable for applications with unexpected system failures. The integrated DRAM controller triggers a backup in the event of power failures and interruptions and stores the copied data directly in flash memory. After interruptions, data is copied from flash memory to DRAM without data loss.

NVDIMMs offer themselves as a complement and alternative to solid-state drives( SSD). They increase fail-safety and reduce data loss and downtime when making backup copies.

There are three different NVDIMM cards:

NVDIMM-N is a memory card where only the DRAM is visible to the system. The flash memory is not addressable and only serves as backup for the DRAM.

NVDIMM-F: In contrast to the N version, this version knows the flash channel, but not the DRAM. The memory capacities of the F version are comparable to those of solid-state drives, but have a lower latency.

NVDIMM-P combines the features of the N- and F-design. Part of the memory provides persistence for the DRAM, while the rest is available as block memory.

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