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noise generator

A noise generator is a special signal generator that produces a noise signal. Such a signal is completely inconstant in time and amplitude, and the amplitude and waveform are purely random.

Noise generators use different noise sources. In the case of thermal noise, the noise of resistors or the noise of active components is used as a noise source. Other noise sources used are current or shot noise, as well as the decay products of radioactive or ionizing noise sources.

Noise displayed on an oscilloscope

Noise displayed on an oscilloscope

The noise signals from noise generators are extremely broadband and are used primarily in measurement technology, but also for random numbers in encryption. In addition, comfort noise is inserted as background noise in digital networks during pauses in speech.

Noise generators can produce the different types of noise such as white noise, pink noise, red noise or blue noise by matching the noise to the frequency response.

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