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next generation nodeB (5G) (gNB)

In different generations of mobile networks, the classic radio base station, as it is called in the 2nd generation( 2G) mobile network, is designated differently.

Designations of the radio base stations

Designations of the radio base stations

While the English designation of the radio base station in 2nd generation mobile networks is Base Transceiver Station( BTS), in 3rd generation ( 3G) mobile networks, i.e. UMTS, it is referred to as NodeB, in 4th generation ( 4G) it is Evolved NodeB (eNodeB), and in 5th generation( 5G) mobile networks it is Next Generation NodeB (gNB or gNodeB).

In 5G networks, the radio base station is a Next-Generation NodeB, which consists of the Centralized Unit( CU), the Distributed Unit( DU), and a Radio Unit( RU). The Centralized Unit supports the protocols in the higher layers, the Distributed Unit those in the lower layers.

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