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next generation core (5G) (NGC)

The Next Generation Core (NGC) is the central connection component in 5th generation( 5G) mobile networks and forms the core structure of the 5G architecture.

The Next Generation Core (NGC) is functionally comparable to the Evolved Packet Core( EPC) in LTE networks. It is a framework via which the convergence of the various links and frequency ranges is established. The NGC network plays a central role as an intelligent switching hub for the various wireless and fixed access technologies. Signals are transmitted to subscriber equipment via the core component using the radio access network.

With each new generation of mobile communications, new and improved services can be developed that were not possible or uneconomical with previous generations. One aspĆ¼ect of this is cloud capabilities for a more agile and distributed core architecture to provide the necessary flexibility, scalability, programmability and automation. In cloud-based systems, the Next Generation Core provides a robust, scalable core that forms the basis for the development of network services and flexible deployment options.

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