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next generation Base-T (NGBASE-T)

Next Generation Base-T (NGBASE-T) is a project initiated by IEEE 802.3 for copper cabling that exceeds 10 Gigabit Ethernet( 10GbE) in its data rates and with which 40 Gbit/s are to be realized.

Like all other Ethernet variants based on copper cabling, NGBase-T is to support autonegotiation and the classic Ethernet data rates. NGBase-T is expected to be a cost-effective upgrade for Ethernet topologies in data centers.

In connection with NGBase-T, the bridgeable distances and possibly new categories for the TP cables are being discussed. Since it cannot be assumed that category 6A and 7A transmission cables with four twisted pairs of wires have sufficient transmission capacity to carry the 40 Gbit/s, category 8 was specified with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. In the planning process, it was assumed that the cabling costs for NGBase-T would be lower than those for optical fiber and that the bridgeable distance would exceed the 7 m for twinaxial cable. A distance of 30 m is specified for category 8 cables.

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