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network termination for basic access (ISDN) (NTBA)

The Network Termination for Basic Access (NTBA) is the network termination device for the basicISDNconnections.

In the case of telephone subscriber lines, the NTBA is connected directly to the telecommunications access unit(TAE); in the case of Digital Subscriber Line( DSL), it is located behind the splitter or DSL splitter and connects this to the telephone or telecommunications system.

Connection concept with DSL splitter and NTBA

Connection concept with DSL splitter and NTBA

In the NTBA, the two- wire Uk0 interface becomes the standardized four-wire S0 interface. The installation of the NT basic connection is relatively simple. The NTBA device is connected to the existing TAE socket and to the power supply. This provides two ISDN sockets with RJ45 j acks for connecting ISDN terminal equipment. In addition, the NTBA is used for code conversion of an MMS43 code into an AMI code.

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