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network performance (NP)

Network performance( NP) characterizes the performance of a network and its components. It depends on the network concept and the type of switching technology. In the case of circuit switching, network performance corresponds to the grade of service( GoS). A measurement criterion for the network performance of circuit-switched networks includes the number of rejected connections under high network load, noise and echoes.

In cell and data packet switching, network performance is a Quality of Service( QoS) criterion with data throughput, response time behavior, modulation techniques, bandwidth, latency, round trip time, packet loss, and other characteristic values relevant to transmission.

Since all networks are conceptually different and are influenced by many individual transmission parameters such as data throughput, switching times of switching components, connection setup and disconnection times, delay times, modulation methods and coding techniques, and much more, network performance must be determined individually for each network.

Network performance can be determined using various measurement methods and provides the network planner with information on how the network behaves with different types of traffic. The network planner uses the determined data for network planning, network optimization and network tuning, taking into account the user requirements.

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