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network news transfer protocol (Internet) (NNTP)

There are a large number of newsgroups or discussion forums on the Internet covering a wide variety of topics. News services are managed by news servers and can be accessed by news clients. This is done with the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), which is used for news exchange between news servers as well as between news servers and clients.

The NNTP protocol, which is based on the TCP protocol, works in a similar way to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol( SMTP). The NNTP protocol has a mechanism that allows using interactive queries to transfer only those news articles from the news server that are not yet available on the corresponding news server. A major advantage of NNTP is network security.

With the NNTP commands, the client can request all groups from the NNTP server or only the newly added ones. He can select groups to work with, retrieve all articles or new articles and select them by headline and article text.

The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) was specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force and is described in RFC 977.

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