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network functions virtualization (NFV)

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a concept towards programmable network infrastructures. The NFV concept is about virtualizing individual network functions; it is about creating services, applying them and managing them. For Network Functions Virtualization, it is not relevant how the network is built. This is taken over by Software Defined Networking( SDN), which has some relationship to the NFV approach.

The NFV concept decouples network functions, such as network addresstranslation( NAT), firewall protection, intrusion detection system( IDS), domain namesystem ( DNS), caching, etc., from proprietary hardware-based appliances, allowing the services to be software-driven. Network Functions Virtualization virtualizes network functions such as application delivery controllers( ADC) and Web application firewalls(WAF). It is designed for consolidation and provides the network components necessary to support a fully virtualized infrastructure. The NFV approach incorporates server virtualization as well as storage virtualization and other networks as well. The approach is based on the virtualization technology used in IT, where virtualized network functions are also handled by switches and storage components. NFV technology can take place on the Control Plane( CP) or the Data Plane( DP) in wired networks and in wireless networks.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) can be used to develop complex applications. The NFV approach is particularly interesting for new telecommunication services and for service providers who can implement virtualized network functions, Virtualized Network Functions( VNF), and chain them into function blocks. In addition, managed services can be migrated to clouds.

As with any new concept, the primary focus is on cost reductions, and Network Functions Virtualization is no exception. The NFV concept is intended to reduce capital costs( CapEx) and operating costs( OpEx). It also shortens the time required to introduce new network services.

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