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network data management protocol (SAN) (NDMP)

Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is a protocol developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association( SNIA) for creating backup copies between primary storage and secondary storage. This backup protocol is also known as Third Party Copy and Extended SCSI Command. The NDMP protocol speeds up backups because only the blocks that have changed in each case are copied from the hard disk.

Using NDMP protocol, data backup in storage networks can take the shortest path from storage to the tape drive. Storage and recovery take place directly between storage and the tape drive or tape library, without going through a server. However, they have their own operating systems. Direct communication puts less load on the network and productive systems, and storage is relatively fast. In contrast to the NDMP protocol, backup storage and recovery in network-attachedNAS storage is done via central file servers.

The NDMP protocol is based on the IP protocol and the TCP protocol. The physical layer can be formed by Ethernet, Token Ring, Token Bus and other access protocols.

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