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network control protocol (NCP)

The term Network Control Protocol(NCP) is used in different contexts, but not uniformly: On the one hand, NCP is used as Network Control Program in IBM's SNA architecture, on the other hand as Network Control Protocol or Network Control Program in Arpanet and as Network Control Protocol for network protocols based on the Point to Point Protocol( PPP).

  1. The Network Control Protocol (NCP) was developed for the middle layers of the ARPANET, which was replaced by the Internet in 1990. The TCP/ IP developed by INGW then replaced the Network Control Protocol and is thus considered the predecessor of TCP/IP.
  2. In connection with the PPP protocol, there are various Network Control Protocols (NCP) that form a component of the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). These are control protocols that are located between authentication and network protocols. The Internet Protocol Control Protocol( IPCP) is one of them, as is the Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol (IPXCP) for the Internetwork Packet Exchange Protocol ( IPX) or the AppleTalk Control Protocol( ATCP) for AppleTalk.
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