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network camera

Network cameras are video cameras that are used indoors and outdoors and can be controlled from multiple stations. There are fixed network cameras, which are permanently mounted and do not swivel, and monitor a specific area.

Network cameras can monitor home entrances, hotel corridors or garage entrances, as well as ticket or ATM machines and many other objects. In addition to fixed cameras, there are swiveling network cameras that can be rotated and panned, and can also zoom in on the objects. Such network cameras are used in video surveillance( CCTV), they can be used to monitor traffic junctions, parking lots or halls. The network cameras that can be panned, rotated and zoomed are the PTZ cameras. The abbreviation stands for pan, tilt and zoom. These video cameras are distinguished between the normal PTZ and the PTZ dome cameras, which has a dome-shaped viewing cover and the panning range is 360°.

Fixed network camera for surveillance purposes, photo:

Fixed network camera for surveillance purposes, photo:

Network cameras or IP cameras are equipped with processors, they digitize and compress the recorded signal to produce a digital video stream that can be transmitted over the Internet or other IP networks and stored in video recorders and network video recorders. Network cameras can be powered directly or via Power over Ethernet( PoE).

The resolution of network cameras depends solely on the application and the requirements for person or detail detection. For surveillance applications, the pixel size and light sensitivity must be selected to provide good detail detection on the one hand, and high light sensitivity for recording during twilight and darkness on the other.

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