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network address

Network addresses are distinguished between physical addresses, known as hardware addresses or MAC addresses, network layer addresses, IP addresses and OSI addresses in OSI networks.

  1. The hardware address represents a unique identification of a network component, a controller, a network card or a network node. It exists only once.
  2. Classic IP addresses are divided into the network identifier( net-id) and the host identifier( host-id). Both address parts are variable and can be between 7 bits and 21 bits long in the case of the network identifier. The variable division allows the IP address to be adapted to very small and large networks with few and many users.
  3. The OSI network address is associated with an instance of the transport layer. The address can be up to 20 bytes long and contains a standardized domain part and a domain-specific part. In addition to the OSI network address, there is also the OSI presentation address, which includes the OSI network address.
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