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An artificial word made up of network and etiquette. Behind this word are the voluntarily agreed rules of conduct for communication on the Internet and for discussion in Internet newsgroups.

Netiquette is a voluntary agreement between the users of the network or newsgroups, from which mutual respect and respectful, interpersonal dealings with the communication partners emerge. In addition to the netiquette of the individual, there is also a group-specific netiquette, for example in discussion forums. Anyone who disregards the rules of conduct can be excluded from a group. As an example of a netiquette rule of conduct, writing in capital letters is associated with shouting. Other important netiquette rules of conduct include refraining from advertising in discussion forums, as this does not bring any added value; the same applies to spam, which also does not offer any subtantial contribution. In addition, the communication partners must not be insulted.

Participants who violate the rules of conduct, insult or abuse others - this is called flaming - will be pointed out by other discussion participants and may also be excluded from the discussion forum. Legal consequences cannot be drawn from such misconduct.

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