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natural language processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing(NLP) is a language technology influenced by computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics that can process natural language and encode it into structured information.

NLP processing is concerned with natural language processing, understanding and semantics of words and sentences, classification of text, correct pronunciation and stress, syntax analysis, and question answering. NLP processing is the interaction between computers and natural language, between humans and machines. With the algorithms developed for Natural Language Processing, computers can understand human speech and its content meaning and execute appropriate instructions. One technique to mention in this context is Part-of-Speech( PoS), which allows words to be tagged and assigned to a word category.

Since human language and expression is not necessarily clear and precise, and linguistics is characterized by moods, emotions, and dialects, speech communication with computers is reduced to a limited number of unambiguous, repetitive instructions.

NLP processing is used in automatic speech recognition, Automatic Speech Recognition( ASR), for converting speech signals into texts, in translation systems as in Speech-to-SpeechTranslation( S2ST), in Natural Language Understanding( NLU) for speech analysis with the extraction of metadata, and for the analysis of repetitive terms or personal names. Practical examples of the use of NLP processing are chatbots and digital voice assistants such as Amazon 's Alexa or Google Home.

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