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Nanosensors are miniature sensors the size of smart dust that can be used to measure physical quantities. They are manufactured using lithographic or semiconductor-based processes or as nanoelectronics and are only a few square millimetres in size, enabling them to be used in the most confined areas.

Strain gauges as nanosensor, Photo: developmentscout

Strain gauges as nanosensor, Photo: developmentscout

Nanosensors are realised in microsystems technology ( MEM) or nanosystems technology (NEM) and can be used where the smallest forces are generated, where microparts or tissue samples are examined for their load.

Nanosensors have a wide range of applications in medicine. They can be implanted directly under the skin of test subjects using minimally invasive procedures and measure blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and electrocardiogram (ECG) and investigate the interaction between biomolecules, tissue cells and artificial implants.

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