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music streaming

Music streaming is a streaming technique where music tracks can be accessed from the music server or audio server of a streaming service over the Internet.

Music streaming is influenced by the techniques of music-on-demand( MoD), live streaming, and Internet radio, and provides tens of millions of music tracks to choose from on the streaming providers' platforms. Track selection is facilitated by different selection options on the various streaming services. Through playlists, hit lists, lists for new releases and recommendations and much more. The user can work with keyword-like search entries as with search engines or with voice entries executed by voice recognition.

Streaming services offer various download options. These can be free and ad-financed, they can be based on download costs for individual music tracks, or they can be distributed on a subscription basis. Free ad-financed offers, such as those offered by most streaming services, are regularly interrupted by ads and are often limited in time. In addition, such services may have limited functionality and quality, as with Spotify and Deezer.

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