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multiprotocol encapsulation forward error correction (MPE-FEC)

Multiprotocol Encapsulation and Forward Error Correction (MPE-FEC) are techniques used in DVB for Handhelds (DVB-H) to improve reception in poor reception conditions, namely poor carrier to noise ratio (CNR) and Doppler effect

reception degradation. In addition, the techniques improve impulse interference. The MPE-FEC method provides additional high performance channel coding and temporal interleaving technique. Since DVB-H is a unidirectional broadcast transmission, the receiving device cannot provide feedback to the transmitter about erroneously received data packets. Thus, it is a forward error correction, which supports error correction

with added parity information. To ensure error-free reception of data packets, the method uses a large parity overhead of 25%. This parity information ensures error-free receptionof datagrams

even under poor reception conditions. Although MPE-FEC is not mandatory to be implemented in the mobile devices, it is implemented in all devices.

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