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multiprotocol encapsulation (DVB) (MPE)

Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE) is a standard protocol for the transport of IP data packets via DigitalVideoBroadcasting( DVB). It was proposed as a European standard in 1996 and has since been the standard method for transmitting IP packets over DVB.

The MPE protocol has a simple structure. It comprises 4,096 bytes, consists of a header, the payload and a trailer. The header comprises 12 bytes, followed by another 8 bytes for the IPv4 datagram.

The MPE protocol is also used by other standardization bodies such as the Advanced Television Systems Committee( ATSC). It is not focused on packet transport over DVB, but can also be used in for other IP services such as IP multicast. The Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF) has also taken up the topic and formed its own working group to develop Ultra Lightweigth Encapsulation( ULE).

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