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multiple gigabit wireless system (WirelessHD) (MGWS)

Multiple Gigabit Wireless System (MGWS) is an initiative of the European ETSI, with which it specifies a radio LAN and a Wireless PersonalArea Network(WPAN) with extremely high data rates.

The high-bit-rate MGWS system complies with the WLAN standard802.11ad. It operates in the 60 GHz band, which is divided into four frequency ranges of 58.32 GHz, 60.48 GHz, 62.64 GHz and 64.8 GHz. Each frequency range has a frequency spacing of 2.16 GHz and each channel has a channel bandwidth of 1.76 GHz.

The data rates of MGWS are in the gigabit range and enable wireless transmission of uncompressed, high- resolution video according to the 4K standard.

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