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multimedia home platform (MHP)

Broadcast services do not operate interactively. However, to enable DigitalVideo Broadcast(DVB) end users to still access and use interactive services, the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), DVB-MHP, was introduced in 2000 to enable end users to run multimedia services on their receiving devices such as the set-top box.

MHP services are provided by broadcasters, displayed on the TV screen and can be controlled via the remote control. MHP services include electronic program guides( EPG), news tickers, weather forecasts, televoting or telegames.

The MHP standard supports all DVB terminals, such as set-top boxes, digital TV sets and multimedia personal computers(PCs), in accessing programs and services running on the DVB Java platform for Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). In addition to Java applications, services can optionally be based on DVB- HTML, including a return channel via the Internet.

Set-top box with MHP standard, photo: Nokia

Set-top box with MHP standard, photo: Nokia

The Multimedia Home Platform offers convergence of different media in terms of interactivity and multimedia value-added services. The MHP platform has an open interface with uniform application programming interfaces( API) that can be used by manufacturers to develop consumer products.

In version MHP 1.0, the Multimedia Home Platform supports the Enhanced Broadcast and Interactive Broadcast profiles, and in version MHP 2.0 it also supports Internet Access.

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