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multimedia extension (MME)

Multimedia Extensions (MME) are the attachments to the various file formats in Multimedia Windows. There are animation, audio and graphic file formats that improve quality and performance.

New function calls, messages, data structures and file formats characterize Multimedia Windows, along with special Dynamic LinkLibraries( DLL), device drivers and the advanced Control Panel. The functions of the extensions are summarized in nine groups:

time: Time control with improved resolution than conventional Windowsjoy: Functions for calibrating and using joysticks, making them directly addressablewave: Basic sound functions for recording, storing and playing digital audio sequences. The file extension is *.wav.

midi: Basic functions for MIDI connections and data exchange with other MIDI devices. The file extension is *.mid.

aux: Basic functions for additional sound electronics, like CD drives, tape recorders or similarsnd: A sound function that plays digitized sound from sound files or evaluates the win.ini. This makes it possible to associate system messages with corresponding sound. Each system message can be assigned its own sound

nump: Functions that support graphic animation with Macro Mind Director, a program developed for Apple

mmio: Functions for buffered input and output that also support the Resource Interchange File Format( RIFF).

mci: The Media Control Interface( MCI) provides the powerful interface for controlling multimedia electronics via strings. The MCI allows extensions whereby other peripherals such as picture turntables, video recorders, etc. can also be controlled via the MCI.

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