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multimedia PC (MPC)

The multimedia personalcomputer (MPC), a relic from the early days of multimedia technology, is a good example of the rapid development of PC technology. The MPC was initiated in 1991 by leading computer technology companies. The MPC standard defined the requirements of a personal computer (PC) for multimedia applications at that time. Since the standard

was developed in 1991, the values defined at that time are now a thing of the past. As areminder: The MPC standard is based on a 386/486 CPU

with aclock rate of 10 MHz

, aworking memory of at least 2 megabytes

(MB), ahard disk with 30 MB or 100 MB, a CD drive

and a VGA graphics card.Data that no longer have any relation to the present and are only intended to illustrate the rapid development of PC technology.

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