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multicore glass optical fiber (MC-GOF)

Multicore Glass Optical Fiber(MC- GOF) is a flexible multicore fiber that can be used in automotive and home networks. It is a fiber bundle that is pressed into a metal sleeve and to which a plastic connector is welded.

The fiber bundle and metal ferrule are hot pressed and, like polymer fibers( POF), have a diameter of 1 mm. Coupling with polymer fibers is possible without too much loss. Likewise, polymer technology components can be used in conjunction with MC-GOF fiber.

Multicore Fiber (MCF) with several core fibers

Multicore Fiber (MCF) with several core fibers

The advantage of MC-GOF is its broadband capability. It can be used in automation, field buses and home networks, offering transmission rates of up to 1 Gbit/s over 100 m. Multicore fibers are also available as polymer fiber, Multicore POF (MC-POF).

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