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multi-utility controller (MUC)

A multi-utility controller (MUC) is a central component in smart homes to which all consumption data from smart home appliances and energy-generating systems are transmitted. The MUC controller is also referred to as an SMGW gateway

. MUC controller acts as an interface between the various smart meters, smart meters

for electrical energy, gas meters and heat and water meters, and theservers

ofthe smart grid operators. On the electrical consumer side, it is the household appliances and consumer electronics devices, some of which are classified as Controllable Local Systems (CLS). These are the devices whose energy consumption can be controlled in terms of time or quantity. As for the energy generating systems, they fall under Distributed Energy Resources


MUC controller as the central control unit

MUC controller as the central control unit

The MUC controller has an IP address and acts as a data server. The smart meters are connected to the MUC controller via the M-Bus, via Powerline (PLC) or via short-range radio. All connected systems and devices can communicate with each other and with the servers in the smart grid via the Multi-Utility Controller (MUC), which controls the meters using Automated Meter Management


MUC controller, Photo: Görlitz

MUC controller, Photo: Görlitz

In addition, the controller provides the consumer with the service and user interface, through which users and service technicians can access consumption values, configurations and service information. This data is collected and processed by the MUC controller and can be accessed by servers of the operating company via the smart grid.

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