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multi-tenant unit (GPON) (MTU)

A Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) is a multi-tenant unit for businesses using Fiber to the Building ( FTTB) or Fiber to the Office( FTTO) connected to Gigabit PON( GPON).

A multi-tenant unit (MTU) is similar to a multi-dwelling unit( MDU) or an extended single business unit( SBU). It forms the Optical Network Unit( ONU) and thus the termination of the GPON connection with the Optical Distribution Network( ODN). MTU units are enterprise connection units equipped with various ports that support IP services such as Internet telephony( VoIP), Internet television( IPTV) and broadcast services for radio and television. They also include many ports for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, as well as for WLANs.

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