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multi tasking

Multitasking is an operating system that can activate and use several tasks simultaneously. The term multiprogramming, which is used synonymously, conveys the impression that several programs run simultaneously on a computer, although it has only one processor.

The individual tasks of the programs are processed by the multitasking operating systems according to certain rules. In this operating mode, several tasks are virtually executed simultaneously in the system's working memory by means of a time-dependent control, which the control program treats as a unit of work. Each task has a certain time window available. At the end of one time window, the operating system stops the program executed in it and switches to the program of the following time window. At the same time, it removes the first program from the processor and loads the following one. The process is sequential with equally sized time windows.

Sequence of programs in multitasking

Sequence of programs in multitasking

There is real multitasking and quasi-multitasking. With real multitasking, you can call and integrate tasks from different applications, whereas quasi-multitasking only allows you to use several tasks within the same application.

If many programs are executed in multitasking, then the repetition rate until the recurring time window is relatively large, which results in a significant slowdown of the programs.

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