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multi function unit (MFU)

As can be seen from the name Multi Function Unit (MFU), Multi Function Device( MFD) or Multi Function Peripheral (MFP), such an office device used in small businesses and home offices performs several functions, namely those of printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. Some multifunction devices also have a built-in card reader for various memory cards. Multifunction devices are compact devices in which three or four functional units are housed in one casing.

Modern multifunction devices offer a USB interface and direct connection options to Ethernet, WLAN and landline and ISDN in addition to the various device functionalities. They have built-in flash card readers with slots for various memory cards. These can be used to read data from USB sticks or memory cards. Some multifunctional devices can also work as photo printers and read data directly from digital cameras using PictBridge technology, i.e. without the detour via the personal computer. The fact that multifunction devices can be integrated into the home or corporate network means that all network users can access their services.

Multifunction device for printing, scanning, copying and faxing from Hewlett Packard

Multifunction device for printing, scanning, copying and faxing from Hewlett Packard

In terms of functionality, multifunction devices are in no way inferior to stand-alone devices. The printers or color printers can be inkjet printers or color laser prin ters with adjustable print resolution and automatic double-sided printing. Among the variety of multifunction devices, there are CD and DVD drives or CD and DVD burners.

The built-in scanners can work as feed scanners or flatbed scanners, allowing multiple single sheets or larger stacks of paper to be scanned. As a flatbed scanner, photographs can be scanned book pages or newspaper clippings. There are also add-on automatic document feeder( ADF) options for some multifunction devices. As with any other scanner, the resolution at which documents are to be scanned can be set. When copying documents, they can be enlarged or reduced and the resolution changed via the scanning process.

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